Love the Bay

Love the Bay is a collaborative project to co-design the future of Island Bay.

We were previously based at a drop-in shop at 132 The Parade. 

Your feedback was used to inform a series of workshops to develop a plan for Island Bay, including The Parade, and to explore new design options for The Parade. Draft design options are now being developed by engineering and design experts, and will be considered by Council in July 2017, followed by public consultation. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified when this happens. 

Below you will find documents and meeting minutes related to the syndicate. 

The Love the Bay logo was designed by Meredith Banks, a student at Island Bay School. 

What is Love the Bay?

A partnership approach between the Island Bay Residents’ Association (IBRA), Cycle Aware Wellington (CAW) and Wellington City Council officers has been co-designed to respond to the Island Bay re-engagement resolution of the 30 June 2016 Transport and Urban Development (TUD) Committee meeting. The Love the Bay project is the result of this partnership. The Love the Bay workshops were run by an independent facilitator and are not aligned with any particular organisation. 

You can read more about the Love the Bay project in the following documents, which were presented at the 15 September TUD meeting

Love the Bay Syndicate Meeting Minutes

Love the Bay is governed by a syndicate comprising representatives from IBRA, CAW, and the Wellington City Council. Following a decision made at the 15 February meeting, minutes of these meetings will be published here. 

Workshop Data & Analysis

Inputs from all workshops and the drop-in shop was used to inform the draft designs for The Parade presented at the drop-in sessions in May 2017. That data, along with feedback about  the draft designs, is being used by designers and engineers to create overall designs to be considered by Council in July 2017, followed by public consultation. Workshop feedback related to other parts of the community is being saved for future development of a long term plan. All of the raw workshop data is available here.

In addition, external experts conducted independent qualitative and quantitative analysis of feedback received during the Love the Bay process. You can read those reports below: