Design Statements

These were developed by the community over the course of the first four Love the Bay workshops. We suggest keeping this window open so you can reference it while giving your feedback on the design options, or you can download a copy by clicking here [PDF, 88 KB]. To read more about how these were developed, please click here

The Parade is safe for all users. 

  • It is safe for pedestrians, safe for cyclists, safe for motorists, safe for children, safe for the elderly, safe for people with disabilities, safe when exiting/accessing vehicles while parked, safe for exiting driveways, safe for parking, safe at intersections.

  • There is clear separation between fast moving things, slow moving things, and parked things (motorists and fast cyclists / slow cyclists and pedestrians / parked cars).

  • Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists have clear sight lines, particularly at intersections, pedestrian crossings, and bus stops.

  • Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists know where to expect one another.

  • Traffic calming measures (not annoying or noisy) are used to highlight shared spaces.

The layout is intuitive and easy to understand. 

  • The Parade is intuitive for all users.

  • Consistent road markings are used through the length of The Parade.

  • Road markings and layout are consistent with the rest of the city and region.

  • Pedestrian crossings are clearly indicated and are not ambiguous.

The Parade accommodates all current and future users. 

  • Design elements encourage all users to share The Parade.

  • Carriageway accommodates emergency services, rubbish trucks, buses, & other large vehicles.

  • Shops have service access for deliveries so vehicles don’t block traffic.

  • Bus stops do not inhibit the flow of pedestrians, vehicles, or cyclists.

  • Footpaths are wide enough for two adults and a dog to walk side by side.

  • Pedestrian crossings align with usual pedestrian routes (particularly school routes), and are a safe distance from bus stops and other hazards.

  • It is acknowledged that children may cycle on the footpath and they are accommodated.

  • Faster cyclists who prefer to ride on the road are accommodated.

  • The design takes into account anticipated population growth.

  • Bus stops and bus shelters are positioned based on user numbers.

  • The Parade looks and feels open and spacious.

  • It is simple and clean, free of visual and physical clutter.

  • Businesses and other amenities are clearly visible.

  • The look and feel reinforces and highlights road rules and protocols.

  • The design celebrates Island Bay’s unique history and identity.

  • Natural elements along The Parade are protected and enhanced.

The visual environment is cohesive and clean.  

Central Island Bay is a pleasant, welcoming destination. 

  • The shopping centre encourages community cohesion - people linger, meet, and eat.

  • The shopping centre has pleasant seating, art, plantings, access to sun, protection from weather, child-friendly spaces, and accessible public toilets.

  • There is adequate car parking around amenities.

  • The shopping centre has plenty of parking for bikes and scooters.

  • The look and feel encourages people to shop locally.

  • The library and community centre are linked with the shopping centre.

  • Walkways around the shopping centre and shops have adequate protection from weather.