Workshop 1: What is Island Bay? Who is Island Bay?

This process arose from a partnership between the Wellington City Council, Island Bay Residents Association, and Cycle Aware Wellington in response to recommendations by the Transport and Urban Development committee. A syndicate of representatives from those organisations has initiated this project, which is now being run by a team of independent, neutral organisers and advisors.

If you missed the first workshop, this summary will give you an idea of what was covered and a chance to give feedback on the discussion. For the next week, we’ll be taking feedback on the workshop topics outlined below, so tell everyone you know to get involved here or in the shop. We’d like to see even more people at the second workshop, so please bring a friend – it’s okay if they weren’t at the first one! Don’t forget, we’re offering free childcare on site, so the whole family is welcome to join. 


The Process

The independent organisers are responsible for delivering a participatory, ‘bottom-up’ planning process. This isn’t your usual Council consultation process where you make a formal submission on a proposed idea. It’s an experiment, and we’re all part of finding the best way forward. There are no designs or plans at this stage – that’s what we’ll be creating together. 


Your Role

As participants and stakeholders, you provide inspiration, ideas, and feedback. We’ll compile your input at each step, and bring it back to you for further refinement, either in the workshops, online, or in the shop. Together, we will collaborate to reach a consensus on a shared vision for Island Bay. Consensus isn’t about majority rules, and it isn’t about getting exactly what you want. It’s about working together to understand one another, consider all ideas, and reach a compromise as a team of diverse people. 

These guiding principles are to create a safe, constructive, and welcoming environment for all people and views. 

The Plan

After getting to know each other a bit, we began by working in small groups to brainstorm what should be included in a village plan. Not the nitty gritty issues, but the high level themes and areas – the chapter titles or table of contents, if you will.

You can see a summarised version of what the groups have proposed using the buttons below – like, comment, or add new items to the map to share your views. You can also give feedback on a paper version of this in the shop. 

NOTE: We've had reports of people having difficulty accessing the mind map again after their first visit and are looking into ways to make it easier to join and return to look at new additions. For now, you will only be able to re-visit the map if you first create an account with If you need assistance doing this, please contact us and we'll help you through the process. We're in talks with the company about resolving this issue without losing previous contributions, and appreciate your patience in the meantime. 

Gifts & Hooks

Next we discussed what everyone brings to this process – the gifts of their head, heart, and hands. We all have unique talents, knowledge, and experience. Gifts of the head mean things like knowledge or expertise – maybe you’re an engineer or a city planner. Heart gifts are about the feelings and experience you bring to the table – for example, your years of living here or your experience as a parent. Gifts of the hands are things you can do, like take notes or draft designs. Think about what gifts you bring, and what gifts you value from your friends, neighbours, and colleagues.

This process will be most useful when it is representative of the rich diversity and vibrancy of Island Bay. As the facilitators, we’re interested in knowing what will keep you involved in this process. What are you 'hooks'? What needs to happen for you to feel heard and invested in the outcome?

We’ve compiled hooks contributed by participants in the online tool linked below. You can agree, disagree, or pass on each statement, then see how your views compare to others. If your hook isn’t there, you can add a new comment after you vote. 

Great Communities

Think about Island Bay in five years – what does it feel like? This can be aspirational (what you want it to feel like) or predictive (what you think it will feel like). What makes it feel that way? Is it the amenities, the people, the natural environment, or some combination of all three? 

Next we discussed other communities that we’ve loved. Think about a place you have visited or lived – what made it special? You can add your thoughts to what makes a great community online or in the shop.

What makes up Island Bay?

Finally, we concluded by mapping the people, organisations, amenities, and features that make Island Bay unique. Each team was given a topic to brainstorm, and then we rotated around the room so everyone had a chance to add to the topic.  You can see the results of their work here and add anything that you think is missing.