Workshop 2: Envisioning the Future

Workshop 2 was held on 2 October and 5 October. This summary will give you an idea of what was covered and opportunities to participate in the discussion. You can also submit feedback in the shop at 132 The Parade. For a summary of Workshop 1, click here.

Our next workshop is an interactive Urban Design game on 12 October. Join us to learn more about how cities are designed and built before we get to the next stage of co-designing the Island Bay plan. Workshop 3 will be held on 16 October and 19 October.

We’d like to see even more people at the next workshops, so please bring a friend – you can join the process at any time. It doesn't matter if you missed previous workshops or can only attend one - your voice is important! Don’t forget, we’re offering free childcare on site, so the whole family is welcome to join. 


The Process

The independent organisers are responsible for delivering a participatory, ‘bottom-up’ planning process. This isn’t your usual Council consultation process where you make a formal submission on a proposed idea. It’s an experiment, and we’re all part of finding the best way forward. There are no designs or plans at this stage – that’s what we’ll be creating together. 

As participants and stakeholders, you provide inspiration, ideas, and feedback. We’ll compile your input at each step, and bring it back to you for further refinement. Together, we will collaborate to reach a consensus on a shared vision for Island Bay. Consensus isn’t about majority rules, and it isn’t about getting exactly what you want. It’s about working together to understand one another, consider all ideas, and compromise as a team of diverse people. 

These guiding principles are to create a safe, constructive, and welcoming environment for all people and views. 


The Plan

At the first workshop, participants were asked what high level topics, or 'chapters,' they'd like to see in the plan. We compiled those answers into a mind map summarising the general themes. During the second workshop, participants explored these themes in further depth, asking 'What does this mean to you?' 

We want to delve deeper into the values and vision behind the ideas proposed so that we can develop a shared vision for our future. At this stage, we'd like people to focus on the big picture - there will be a time for specific ideas at later workshops, when we will revisit all of the great ideas that have already been submitted. Instead of specific pieces of work, think about what those mean and why they are important to you. 

You can see the latest version and like, comment, or add new items to the mind map by clicking on the button below. You can also give feedback on a paper version of this in the shop. 

NOTE: We've had reports of people having difficulty accessing the mind map again after their first visit and are working with the GroupMap to resolve this issue for previous contributors in the future. For now, please first create an account with, then join our map by entering Map ID 435-813-794 so that you can re-visit the map and see new additions. 


We have been talking about 'the future' of Island Bay, but what does that actually mean? What time period should our plan cover? How do we strike a balance between a long-term vision and tangible action? 

During the workshop, groups discussed the advantages and disadvantages of 5, 10, 20, and 50 year timelines. Click the button below to see summaries of some of the common themes they brought up, and to add your own thoughts. 

This list is also hosted on GroupMap, so please create an account with, then join our map by entering Map ID 173-704-110 so that you can re-visit the map and see new additions. 


This process will be most useful when it is representative of the rich diversity and vibrancy of Island Bay. As the facilitators, we’re interested in knowing what will keep you involved in this process. What are your 'hooks'? What needs to happen for you to feel heard and invested in the outcome? We will keep revisiting this topic throughout the process to help us address your questions and concerns in a timely fashion. 

We’ve compiled hooks contributed by participants at the first workshop in this online tool. At the second workshop, we explored how those hooks make us feel and what they mean. We are still analysing all of the feedback from that workshop and will update this website when we are finished. For now, you can use the tool below to look at each hook individually and think about how it makes you feel. Then click agree, disagree, or pass to move to the next one. 

Who is part of Island Bay in the future?

Island Bay is made up of many diverse communities who all have an important role to play in the future of our community. At the workshops, we talked about who wasn't in the room, and how we can bring them into the discussion. 

Young people, families with young children, renters, Māori and Pasifika - whose voices are we missing? What organisations should we be talking to? If you have ideas for how we can improve our reach to underrepresented groups, contact us today. We're open to running special sessions at events and meetings to make it easier for people to learn about this process. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss a special event.