Using Your Feedback

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Many people have asked what's happening to all of the feedback and ideas submitted during the Love the Bay process. This post outlines the general process to date. If you have more questions, feel free to contact the Love the Bay team. 

Love the Bay collected feedback and ideas through the workshops, the drop-in shop at 132 The Parade, and this website. All of those flip chart papers, post it notes, worksheets, emails, and maps were typed up by a research assistant. The team 'cleans' the data, which means fixing typos, making sure everything is under the right activity/question, and clarifying anything that isn't clear (for instance, specifying locations, standardising abbreviations, or removing personal identifying information). Everything else is left in its original form. The paper copies of workshop materials are saved in case they're needed for clarification. 

A team of analysts, with input from the independent facilitators, then code and organise the data. They categorise feedback by theme, pull out specific ideas, group similar items, or look for everything related to a particular topic in preparation for the next workshop. Some of them specialise in statistical analysis while others focus on the values and themes behind the numbers. 

Love the Bay stores all of the raw data so it can be analysed again in different ways as we develop the long-term plan. Some of it has been used to populate web tools for further feedback from people who couldn't attend the workshops (like the plan brainstorm or the ideas map). Other data was used in activities at future workshops (like the values ranking exercise or the plan outline).

The team has saved the rest of the data until the topic comes up again - for instance, the community has already submitted more than 100 ideas for improving parks and playgrounds in Island Bay. 

If you'd like to see the raw data, you can download it below. 

If you're a developer or a data analyst interested in helping visualise more of this data, please get in touch.